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Preview Days

These events offer a campus tour and SO much more! Meet other future students, meet the president & faculty, get exclusive content about the entire admissions and scholarship process, and lots more.

Private Campus Tour

A private tour can be scheduled here.

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williams works


Williams Works makes a private Christian education affordable for students, and it provides a solid work ethic in a fun and safe environment. Learn to work hard while paving the path to your future.

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Academic Scholarships

Upon getting accepted, you will automatically be considered for a merit-based scholarship. 


Additional Scholarships

Athletics and Performing Arts are offered by coaches and program directors. Church matching, WBU internal scholarships, external scholarships from your community + MORE!

how to get accepted

You must meet 2 of 3 criteria below:

  • 2.7 cumulative high school GPA
  • 17 superscore or higher on the ACT (or equivalent on the SAT or CLT)
  • top half of your graduating class
to review your application, we need the following items:

For First-Time Freshman those items are…

  1. Your high school transcript with at least 6-semesters completed
  2. Your ACT/SAT/CLT scores
  3. Your shot records (Proof of Measles/Rubella Immunization – 2 doses)

For Transfer Students those items are…

  1. Your college transcript(s)
  2. If you have less than 24 credit hours in college, then we may need your high school transcript and ACT/SAT/CLT scores
  3. Your shot records (Proof of Measles/Rubella Immunization – 2 doses)

Here’s how to get them to us…

Tell your high school counselor or college registrar that you’ve applied here, and that you would like for them to send us everything mentioned above. You can show them this webpage or just copy the URL and email it to them.

Transcripts can be received via any of the following methods:

  1. Email the info to
  2. Fax the info to 870-759-4163
  3. Electronically send them through the Speedy Server
  4. Hand-deliver them to our office when you come for a visit
  5. Mail them to” Attention Admissions, 56 McClellan Dr, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476″