EBSCOHost Tutorials

 EBSCOHost Introduction 
(7 minute VIDEO)
 EBSCOHost Basic Search (3 minute VIDEO)
 EBSCOHost Result List (6 minute VIDEO)
 EBSCOhost IPhone Application (ppt)
 EBSCOhost Android Application (ppt)
 EBSCOHost My Foldert Folder (5 minute VIDEO)
 Creating a Journal Alert in EBSCOHost 
 ATLA: Searching Citations:  Scriptures Tool (4 minute VIDEO)
 ATLA: Searching Citations: Scripture Citation Index (3 minute VIDEO)
 ATLA:  Searching Subject Headings for Sacred Texts of World Religions (3 minute VIDEO)
CINAHL Advanced Searching (5 minute VIDEO)
 CINAHL Basic Searching (3 minute VIDEO)
 CINAHL and MeSH Headings (5 minute VIDEO)
 eBooks on EBSCOhost – Downloading
(4 minute VIDEO)
 eBooks on EBSCOhost – Searching
(4 minute VIDEO)
 Medline with Full Text (4 minute VIDEO)

World Book Web

 World Book Advanced (10 minutes)
 Online Reference Center (16 minutes)
 World Book Kids (8 minutes)
 World Book Student  (12 minutes)
 Citation Builder (1 minute)
 Pathfinder (3 minutes)
 Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazqos (7 minutes)


LION Literature Online

About Literature Online


A Web-Based Tutorial on Literature Online

A Written Guide


Mango Languages

Mango Languages Video Tutorial



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