Request a Photographer / Request a Poster

Please select all 4 ONLY if it can be considered relevant to the majority of campus.

Request a News Release

City and state will suffice.

Quick Tips & Cheat Sheet

Primary and secondary colors used on the website in HEX code format.

The branding guide PDF in the media packet has all of the various code formats.

.wbu-blue1 {color: #384a9c;}

.wbu-blue2 {color: #00b3e6;}

.wbu-blue3 {color: #006db6;}

.wbu-gray {color: #929496;}

.wbu-teal {color: #009ba7;}

.wbu-green {color: #6cab36;}

.wbu-ltblue {color: #8acfdd;}

.wbu-cream {color: #d9d3a1;}

.wbu-burntorange {color: #d27e3d;}

.wbu-lime {color: #bad636;}

.wbu-orange {color: #ffad26;}

.wbu-neutral {color: #aaa486;}

Fonts used on the website.







Creating Posters

1) Make the NAME OF THE EVENT clear.

  • Make it the biggest text on the poster.
  • Make it bold.
  • Don’t clutter too much content around it.
  • Ideally you should center it at the top. It can also work in the middle of the page, but aim for the top.

2) Make the location, date and time obvious.

  • Make it the second largest text on the poster.

3) Use the branding colors and fonts.

4) Make the content scannable for people who might glimpse at it.

Ugly, cluttered, and unread poster.

Clean, clear, and scannable poster.