Thank you in advance!

What we’re trying to accomplish…

This probably goes without saying, but according to every higher education research agency we’ve encountered, the #1 thing that prospective students are looking for on a college’s website are the degree programs.

Prospective students asking questions like

  • Do they have my degree?
  • Which classes will I be taking?
  • Will I have hands-on opportunities?
  • Does the program look like it’s for me?
  • Will I be able to achieve my career goals after I graduate?


Again, that probably goes without saying, but we want you to feel the value behind what we’re asking you to do.

Here’s what we (Bill and Brett) want to do for you.

  1. We want to take your information and create pages that will grab the attention of prospective students.
  2. Reading reviews is extremely important to Gen Z!  So, we’re going to email all of our alumni, ask them which degree they completed here, how they would rate the program, and ask for a quote that we can put on the web pages so that each program has accurate reviews.
  3. We’re going to lay out the pages so that when a student Google searches “best history degrees near me” or “college art programs in Arkansas,” etc., we’ll have the best shot at being near the top of that search.

Please fill out one form per degree program within your department (I.e. 1 for Sports Ministry, 1 for Youth Ministry, etc)


Here are 2 ideal pages that we will be referencing and that can give you an idea of how to respond to the questions below.

  1. Messiah College’s Biology Degree Program
  2. Concordia University’s Reviews
I.e. Put your mind, heart and hands to work as a biology major at Messiah College. Through the biology degree program, you’ll not only study creation, but also the Creator, integrating your knowledge of biology with your Christian faith. Messiah College’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in biology offers you a strong foundation of core biology courses and the opportunity to focus in a particular area of interest through the biomedical, cellular, ecological, general and organismal biology concentrations. (taken from Messiah College)