Discipleship Studies

Designed for the student who wants to gain insight, knowledge, and skill in applying the Great Commission and Great Commandment through the discipleship ministries of the local church.

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Students will gain the basic skills in church organization, preaching, and/or teaching will enable students to carry out disciple-making strategies across the entire human lifespan. Vocational choices which will be enriched by this specialization include children’s minister, youth minister, senior adult minister, family minister, discipleship pastor, pastor, minister of education, collegiate minister, small group pastor, church social media director, church administrator, executive pastor, Christian camp/recreation minister, and emerging generations pastor.

Students will be able to communicate the message of the Bible in its historical, literary, and theological contexts (Orthodoxy).

Students will be able to employ basic skills in Christian teaching in the various age-graded ministries of the local church (Orthopraxy).

Students will be able to employ ongoing intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, and professional development as ministers of the gospel (Orthopathy).

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