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Continue your intentional homeschool education at a Christian university that values faith and education in a safe and fun environment.

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Christ-Centered Education

Our Education + Our vision = life-changing experience

What is a Christ-Centered Education? Put simply, a liberal-arts education that builds its foundation and finds its meaning in Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to produce exceptional graduates prepared to competently engage local and global cultures through a Christ-centered worldview. 
Our vision finds it’s fulfillment in our graduates (not when they find a paying job) but rather when they surrender their life to God’s calling, and use their education and gifting to be salt and light in the world regardless of where they choose to have a career.
We are preparing the next generation of Christian leaders to become teachers, coaches, doctors, business administrators, therapists, pastors, band teachers, vocal performers, and so much more so that our students find their purpose as they follow Jesus and lead others to do the same.

Find Your Degree
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14:1 Professor to student ratio

2 Ways to Pay for Your Education

Path 1: Williams Works

Path 2: Traditional scholarship approach

Path 1: Williams Works

A debt-free education opportunity


Williams Works makes a private Christian education affordable for students, and it provides a solid work ethic in a fun and safe environment. Learn to work hard while paving the path to your future.

How it Works

Students who work 16 hours per week on campus or with one of our community partners will have their tuition completely paid for! (valued at approx. $71,800 over 4 years).

How to Apply

Step 1: Apply for admission into the university.

Step 2: Apply for Williams Works.

Step 3: Once accepted into the university, your Williams Works application will be submitted for review


Pay for your degree.

Earn your degree.

Path 2: Traditional Scholarship Approach

Reduce your total cost with a variety of scholarships

Athletic Scholarships: 20 Athletic Programs. These scholarships are awarded by individual coaches.

Performing Arts Scholarships: 5 Performing Arts Programs. These scholarships are awarded by individual program directors.

Academic Scholarships: Upon getting accepted, you will automatically be considered for a merit-based scholarship.

Additional Scholarships: Church matching, WBU internal scholarships, external scholarships from your community + MORE

Athletic Scholarships

Performing Arts

Academic/Other Scholarships

Tuition & Fees

We value affordability and transparency (no hidden fees)

Basic costs per semester for the 2022-2023 academic year are as follows:

Tuition: $8,975

Room & Board (meal plan): $4,490 (Add $400 for a private room)

Residence Halls Activity Fee: $200 (residence halls students only)

Fees*: $885

Total (per semester) $14,550**

P.s. We do not have a different tuition rate for out-of-state students. 

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The enrollment process

Easy. free. worth it!

Cost: $0.00 // Time: 10 minute (or less)

Applying is hassle-free, and you can cancel your application at anytime risk-free. Applying is a good and easy decision.


How to Get Accepted | You must meet 2 of 3 criteria below:

2.7 cumulative high school GPA

17 superscore or higher on the ACT (or equivalent on the SAT or CLT)

Top half of your graduating class

applying is easy

your visit matters

discover why Williams is right for you

Schedule your personal tour today, or you can find out more about an upcoming Preview Day

ready to visit campus?

wbu admission counselors are ready to assist

Meet the team

We have a team standing by ready to assist you through the entire enrollment process. If you have any questions, please call, text, or email us today.

Text: 870-600-3478 | Email:

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