All students attending WBU for the first time are required to participate in orientation at WBU.

Our new student program is called Ascend, and that’s just what it does: through proper orientation, you’ll have more advantages to rise to success in the classroom, residence halls and extracurricular activities! We’ve built a whole series of events into Ascend designed to assist new students like you in adjusting to collegiate life. The program is an enjoyable and informative experience that combines large and small group sessions, class registration, recreation and entertainment. So get ready to meet and mingle with administrators, faculty and staff and begin your ascent as an Eagle!

Friday, August 16

9:00A.M. – 12:00P.M. Check-in – Swaim Administration Building
9:00A.M. – 3:30P.M. New Student Move-In – Residence Halls
11:00A.M. – 12:30P.M. Lunch – Mabee Gwinup Cafeteria
2:30P.M. – 3:30P.M. New Commuter Check-in – Swaim Administration Building
4:00P.M. Parent Session – SMC
4:00P.M. Student Session – Manley Chapel
5:00P.M. WBU Family Prayer – (Students, Parents and WBU Staff) – SMC

Parents say goodbye (#Ascend2019!)

5:30P.M. – 7:00P.M. Dinner – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
7:00P.M. New Student Small Group Sessions
8:00P.M. Mega Relay – Southerland Mabee Center
9:30P.M. Residence Hall meetings

Move-In 2019 Recap

Saturday, August 17

8:00A.M. – 9:00A.M. Breakfast – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
9:00A.M. Eagle Edge – iPAD distribution – Moody Room (group rotation)
12:00P.M. – 1:30P.M. Lunch – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
1:30P.M. New Student Small Group Sessions
6:30P.M. True Blue Dinner – Mabee Cafeteria (Melinda Williams, Speaker)
8:00P.M. President’s Dessert Reception – President’s Home

Mega Relay & #WingsUpStomp

Sunday, August 18

9:00A.M. – 10:00A.M. Continental Breakfast – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
11:00A.M. Worship Service – Manley Chapel (Josh Austin, Speaker)
12:00P.M. New Student Picnic and Inflatable Games – Midkiff Meadow
1:00P.M. Residence Halls open to returning students
5:00P.M. – 6:30P.M. Dinner – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
7:00P.M. MIKE BLISS, Comedic Illusionist – Manley Chapel Center

Monday, August 19

8:00A.M. – 9:00A.M Breakfast – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
9:00A.M. New Student Group Sessions
12:00P.M. – 1:30P.M. Lunch – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria
1:30P.M. Meet Advisors/Faculty by Department
3:00P.M. Eagle Campus Walk (end at the Manley Chapel)
5:00P.M. WBU Family Dinner (Faculty, Staff and Students) – Southerland Mabee Center

Rest of the Week…

Tuesday – CLASSES BEGIN! | 8:00 P.M. – Refine (Weekly Worship Service) – Startup Chapel

Wednesday | 8:00 P.M. – B.Y.O.S. (Build Your Own Sundae) – Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria

Thursday | 7:30 P.M. – Luau – Southerland Hall

Friday | 5:00P.M. – 7:00P.M. – Campus Ministries’ Fish Fry – Faculty Cove