Master of Science in Education

The Master of Science in Education program at Williams Baptist University has a primary mission to prepare P-12 classroom teachers to be the best in the field.

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Master of Science in Education

We commit our combined resources and expertise to promote best practices in the broad range of educational contexts as well as to the discovery and communication of knowledge in the field of education. We are dedicated to promoting and supporting learning communities that are diverse and equitable and that approach problem solving with both innovation and collaboration.

There are no hidden fees in our high-quality program. The Williams Baptist University MSE online program can be completed in a reasonable amount of time set up in eight-week blocks. You can work from anywhere on your courses and at your convenience. You also have the luxury of technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No hidden fee is the Williams MSE guarantee. This advanced degree will put you at a higher salary on your school district’s salary schedule so it is an investment in your future. School districts determine your salary by the number of years of experience and the level of education you have completed.

You will have access to a community of learners from whom you can give and receive a range of knowledge, from the trivial to the profound. You will be in good company with peers who are having some of the same experiences you are having in the classroom. Join our community of learners to enlighten and invigorate you!

Taylor Hoskins
Coordinator of Graduate Education Programs – 870-759-4230

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