Renewing Minds, Transforming Lives

Williams Baptist University has adopted six strategic initiatives from which yearly objectives will be established.  Entitled “Renewing Minds, Transforming Lives,” this strategic vision set broad goals for WBU over the next three to five years.  A vision statement follows each initiative.

Enhance Employee Quality of Life

Strategic Initiative: Williams Baptist University will proactively enhance the quality of life for its employees through increased salaries, wages, and compensation packages, improvements to faculty housing, and new opportunities for fitness and recreation.

Vision: By 2023, WBU will have implemented a strategic plan to increase salaries and wages for faculty and staff with compensation in top half of comparable member institutions of the International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities and the Council for Christian College and Universities.  WBU will implement a formal salary/wage assessment system for faculty and staff compensation based upon educational preparation, rank, experience, certifications, market factors, professional development, and commitment to mission.  In addition, WBU will strive to provide the highest possible level of employee benefits, including health care, retirement, and university housing.  WBU will also work to improve fitness and recreation facilities and programs for faculty, staff, and their families.

Develop Innovative Academic Programs

Strategic Initiative: WBU will develop innovative academic programs to expand its influence and mission through strategically-identified academic programming.  New degree programs will target market-driven opportunities and developing fields of study.  The university will strategically develop cutting-edge educational initiatives offered in traditional and online delivery expressions.

Vision:  By 2023, WBU will provide increased academic offerings both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Graduate programs will be developed through strategic assessments and program reviews.  Although not limited to the following areas, WBU will proactively identify and strategically implement educational initiatives and degree programs in the fields of health care, counseling, business, education, and ministry. WBU will be known both for excellence in the quality of academic programming and for innovation in the use of technology for all educational initiatives.

Enrich Christian University Identity and Culture

Strategic Initiative: WBU will enrich its identity and campus culture, producing an environment befitting an outstanding Christ-centered university.  Christian commitment will be pervasive and transformative in all aspects of university life.  University identity and culture will be cultivated through enhanced spiritual life programs, student life activities, strengthened alumni-relations, enriched school traditions, and improved, strategic branding initiatives.

Vision: By 2023, WBU will work to cultivate a strengthened Christ-centered emphasis, a renewed sense of school pride, and a strong university identity among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and vested stakeholders.  Spiritual life and student development will be fostered through an integrated model that focuses on spiritual formation, student life, leadership training, and a first-year experience.  Missions, service learning, and study abroad opportunities for students will be emphasized through formal programming, robust recruitment, and strategic training.  Expanded student activities will include social clubs as well as extra-curricular and co-curricular organizations.  University identity and culture will also be enhanced through strategic initiatives that focus upon improved and expanded WBU branding, marketing, and public relations.

Strengthen Enrollment Management and Marketing

Strategic Initiative: WBU will strengthen its enrollment management and marketing functions to increase recruitment of students, enlarge the donor base, enhance alumni involvement, as well as expand institutional awareness to churches and other vital constituencies.  WBU will continually refine its branding and messaging to accurately communicate the strengths and values of the university.

Vision:  By 2023, WBU will have increased image and heightened brand awareness locally and nationally.  Special attention will be devoted to increasing marketing initiatives within the state of Arkansas.  An integrated marketing strategy will provide for consistent messaging across media platforms.  Aggressive strategies will be implemented to strengthen and improve recruitment initiatives that strategically grow student enrollment.  Student retention will be improved through enhanced academic support services and tutoring.  Enhanced career service initiatives will be implemented to assist students with future career opportunities.

Improve Campus Infrastructure

Strategic Initiative: WBU will improve campus facilities and infrastructure through strategically-identified construction projects and technology upgrades.

Vision: By 2023, WBU will complete a thorough needs assessment and develop a comprehensive campus master plan.  The university will also develop a plan to address deferred and on-going maintenance and technology issues.  In addition, WBU will develop and implement a plan to meet the needs of growing academic and athletic programs, space for the fine arts programs and performances, student resident facilities, and other projects as identified.  Resources to fund these initiatives will be identified and developed through strategic-planning processes.

Increase Student Support through Endowed Scholarships and Innovative Programs

Strategic Initiative: WBU will aggressively expand existing scholarship programs as well as increase scholarship resources to recruit and retain targeted populations.  The university will launch innovative programs and initiatives to assist students in funding their WBU education.

Vision:  By 2023, WBU will increase scholarship endowments through institutional assessment and market analysis. Programs and advancement initiatives will be developed to provide resources for need-based financial aid.  Specific scholarships targeting market-identified groups will be provided so that, in addition to need-based state and national grant programs, sufficient financial aid and scholarships will provide for a significant amount of tuition costs.  Alternative revenue streams will be explored and appropriately implemented through strategic-planning for student support.