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Student I. D. cards (BLUE Cards) are issued during registration by the Office of Student Affairs. Blue Cards are necessary for: meals in the cafeteria, chapel attendance, to check out recreational equipment, to attend athletic events, and to check out books from the Library and also may be used at area businesses to receive a discount. Lost cards should be reported to the Office of Student Affairs immediately. Replacement cards are $15.00.

The Health Clinic, located in the Mabee Student Center, is staffed by a registered nurse and is available for the following: health education and information, physician referral, assorted health screenings, B12 injections, allergy injections and personal consultations. The clinic is open throughout the school year on a part-time basis; Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

In addition, Williams Baptist University is located close to many health providers in Walnut Ridge. In the event of emergencies, resident students who become ill or injured should notify the residence director who will either call 911 or arrange for transport to the Lawrence Health Services emergency room. The College assumes no financial responsibility for the hospital, physician, or other medical charges. (All students are required each semester at registration to purchase a mandatory accident insurance policy.) First aid supplies for minor injuries are available in the residence halls, gymnasium, Student Center, Health Clinic and the Office of Student Affairs.

Chapel programs are offered each week during both semesters. Programs are designed to provide a variety of cultural, spiritual, and intellectual experiences for everyone. Chapel is required of all students at WBC. The Office of Student Affairs administers the chapel policy as determined by a faculty committee

Students are responsible for bringing their ID cards to chapel to scan their attendance. Once chapel starts and the doors are closed, students are considered absent. Students are allowed one paper slip attendance per semester if ID cards are lost or forgotten.

During traditional semesters students must attend ten chapels per semester. During modified chapel semesters when students are divided into an A and B section, students must attend six chapels per semester. Each subsequent absence will result in a $50 fine being placed on the student’s account.

Exemptions from chapel are possible in the following cases:

  1. If a student lives off-campus and does not have a class or on-campus activity on Wednesday or until 12 noon or later on Wednesday.
  2. If a student has an unavoidable work responsibility which conflicts with the chapel the student must provide a letter from his/her work employer, on letterhead, detailing the conflict.

A student requesting chapel exemption should complete a chapel exemption form and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs by the end of the second week of classes in order to avoid a $50 processing fine. Each petition is considered on its own merit and must be renewed each semester. If a request is not granted, the student will be notified by campus mail.

News on campus changes daily. In order to effectively communicate information to students, a variety of methods are available:

  1. The Wing Tips is a weekly newsletter published by the Office of Student Affairs that provides updates to the master calendar and announcements. It is available online.
  2. The WBC mail and copy center, located near the cafeteria, provides on and off-campus mail services. Students’ mailbox fees are paid through the student activity fee.

Students are responsible for knowing information that may affect them personally. It is important, therefore, for students to check their campus mailbox and email regularly.


The Wing Tips is a weekly online newsletter published by the Office of Student Affairs. Information and news concerning all aspects of campus life are included in the Wing Tips. Clubs, organizations, academic departments, and administrative offices may submit items that are of interest to the campus community. The deadline for submitting these items is noon on Wednesday. Email them to Alice Startup.

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