Achieving The Williams Way

WBU is perfecting the work-college model. No other school in our area offers a similar program that provides students the real opportunity to possibly graduate debt-free.

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A Debt-Free Education Opportunity

The Williams Works program allows participating students to work part-time jobs to have their tuition and fees completely covered. The initiative is a natural fit for WBU on several fronts.

The university is in a rural setting and incorporates the large acreage it owns surrounding the main campus as the program’s centerpiece, Eagle Farms. The concepts of work and farming are heavily reinforced in the regional culture.

It also reflects the history of the school. Dr. H.E. Williams, who founded the institution as Southern Baptist College in 1941, operated a print shop, a woodworking shop, a rice and soybean farm, an auto repair business and other enterprises created to provide jobs for many students in the early decades of the school.

Lastly, Williams Works complements the spiritual and academic standards of WBU as a powerful new platform for teaching a Christian ethic of work to students. The Bible begins with God at work in creation, and scripture is filled with numerous examples and exhortations about work.

Eligible students selected for Williams Works agree to work 16 hours per week during every week of the fall and spring semesters. Those who complete their assigned hours will have their cost of education covered, which includes tuition and fees. Some students will also be allowed to work in the summer months to cover their room and board expenses for the following year.

We Value Work!

It’s estimated that you will spend 33% of your adult life at work. There’s high value placed in work, as highlighted by our fifth and concluding aspect of the Williams Way, and it’s our aim in Williams Works to prepare you now with a great work ethic and financial stability as you enter into your career after college.

Innovative Affordability

WBU is committed to being a highly affordable private Christian institution. Williams Works was developed to provide an outstanding education for students who display an alignment with our Christian mission and a desire to work hard, academically and physically.

Lots of Different Jobs

Williams Works includes numerous working opportunities, including on our Eagle Farms, Williams Corner market, large chicken egg operation, The Hotel Rhea, Lawrence Medical Center, Custom Pak, financial firms, and many more to come!

Labor to Leadership

Embracing work as a mission for you and others can teach you things about yourself and transform you into the professional and emotional leader you’re meant to be.

Program Growth

This is an innovative program with immediate interest and rapid growth. We expect this program to grow rapidly in the coming years as a way to afford an academically excellent, Christ-centered education at a prestigious, private institution. We saw 95% growth from year one to year two.

Looking for more information or have a specific question?

With plans to expand Williams Works as rapidly as possible, the university is gearing up to become a full-fledged work-university. WBU administration and staff are busy with a multitude of tasks, which range from juggling students’ class and work schedules to developing the infrastructure for a working farm.