The ARKLink card allows WBU faculty and students the privilege of borrowing materials from other colleges and universities in Arkansas.

Please note that due dates, fines, and types of materials loaned is determined by each ARKLink library.

ARKLink Card Request Form

Felix Goodson Library Reciprocal Borrowing Policies

To Borrow at Participating Libraries

The Felix Goodson Library at Williams Baptist University in Walnut Ridge participates in the ARKLink Reciprocal Borrowing Program whereby current WBU students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials directly from other participating academic libraries in Arkansas.  Before visiting another library, please request an ARKLink card at the FGL Circulation Desk or online.  The ARKLink card expires at the end of each
semester for students, and at the end of each academic year (June 30) for faculty and staff.

At the participating library:

  • Present your official ARKLink Borrowing Card, authorized by the Felix Goodson Library Director or designee, at the circulation desk.
  • You will be required to present your photo ID and your WBU ID along with your ARKLink Card for each transaction;
  • Library privileges will be extended according to the local policy of the lending library.


  • You are responsible to return items directly to the lending library.
  • You are responsible to pay all fines or fees to the lending library.
  • Any outstanding debt you owe to the lending library may be posted to your Felix Goodson Library account.

To Borrow Books From Felix Goodson Library:

  • Present to the FGL circulation desk your ARKLink card issued by your home library, your college or university ID, and a photo ID.
  • Any individual known to have outstanding charges at his/her home library will be denied the privilege of borrowing from FGL.
  • A maximum of three items may be borrowed at a time, with a 30-day loan period, and fines of .25 per day (no grace period.)
  • You are expected to return the borrowed books to Felix Goodson Library.   Fines, late fees, and any charges are payable in cash only to Felix Goodson Library.
  • In the event you fail to make payment for lost or damaged materials, your home library will reimburse FGL for your obligations outstanding longer than six months.

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