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If you are not sure which application to use, please reference additional content below that can help you determine which one is right for you.

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Application Information

If you just graduated from high school or will within the next year, then this application is for you!

If you graduated in 2021 but have never officially enrolled in any college, then this application is for you.

If you have ever been enrolled at a different institution, then this application is for you.

Concurrent credits you may have received in high school do not count as being officially enrolled for our application purposes.

If you are looking to get your Masters’s Degree from Williams, then the Graduate Application is for you.

If you are already employed in the field of criminal justice and are looking to get your Online Criminal Justice Degree from Williams, then please select the Online Criminal Justice Application.

If you are Non-Degree Seeking, Early Admission, Transient, or looking to Audit a class at Williams, then please use the Misc. Application.

If you have previously been enrolled at WBU and have sat out for at least 1 semester, then please select the Re-Admit Application.

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