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ProQuest is the vendor with largest amount of articles on wide variety of topics. Some notable databases within ProQuest include: 
MedLine with Full Text –Excellent database for any medical topic
British Medical Journal and the New England Journal of Medicine – Excellent databases for any medical topic, Highly valued sources by the medical community.
Learning Express – Excellent database to help prepare for specialized testing in most major fields of study. Excellent for refreshing skills in areas such as math, writing skills, English, etc. Offers practice tests with answers in each skill area.





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EBSCOHost is our second largest vendor. It has a large amount of articles on variety of topics. Some notable databases within EBSCOHost include: 
ATLA – Number 1 database used by students searching for information for Bible classes, doctrinal issues, and commentaries on books, chapters, and verses in the Bible
CINAHL – Excellent database for any medical topic.
Points of View – Comparative to the database titled Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society





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Most articles are academically advanced in JSTOR. JSTOR covers a variety of topics. Must specify desire for full text, otherwise will generate many abstract only articles.





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Best overall database for science information, especially in the area of biology.




Blooms Literature

The best database for literature critiques, essays, author biographies, plays, poetry, book characters, etc.





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Number 1 database for all things dealing with law, government, and criminal justice issues.




Hoovers Mergent Intellect

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Number 1 database for business company information. Detailed financial information on almost every major company in the world and many less well-known companies.




Salem Online

Limited material in area of literature, history, and science.




GALE Power Search

Smaller amount of articles available on a variety of topics. Large selection of ebook resources.





Material is presented in textbook-like format, not in article format. Tends to be geared more towards high school level rather than college level.




Arkansas Traveler

The residents of Arkansas are gifted this collection of databases. Most of our library’s databases come from Arkansas Traveler. It tends to be more helpful for students to visit the other vendor’s sites rather than trying to go through Arkansas Traveler.




Oxford English Dictionary

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World Book Web

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Must sign in with separate UserID and Password. Not connected to OpenAthens. For college level material, must choose Advanced tab. Advanced area is for grades 9+. Not desired for college academic use overall. Best used by education majors who may be searching for material for elementary classes. Excellent activities for children.




Taylor & Francis Online

Highly valued company with a large number of databases. However, many of the articles are abstracts only.