Felix Goodson Library

Academic Freedom in the Christian University Library

Academic or intellectual freedom in the context of the American library is inherent in the historical concept of serving a free people.  Basic First Amendment rights are conserved through confidentiality of library and patron records.  Collection development is pursued according to the principles of the Library Bill of Rights* and collects materials representing varied points of view in all areas of knowledge and in all levels in support of the curriculum.  To this end, the Library promotes the research of unbiased resources.

As Felix Goodson Library owes its allegiance to both Williams Baptist University and the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, the Library supports both institutions’ missions spiritually and academically.  It has a responsibility to provide access to a range of knowledge in all disciplines, both contemporary and historical, in appropriate formats.

The Library does not endorse all the ideas expressed in resources accessible in the collection and does not promote bias in the form of censorship.  Library staff teach information literacy and  library research skills to individuals and groups and allows the patrons to reach their own conclusions through free inquiry.  In this way, the Library encourages patrons to broaden their perspective of the universe.

*Adopted by ALA in 1948, amended in 1961 and 1980 and reaffirmed in 1996.  (WBU 12.2010)