Felix Goodson Library

Library Use

Open stacks for easy access to print items and Web resources and services are available to both in-person users as well as online students.   There is also a classroom/conference room, a computer lab and quiet areas for individual study.  Group study area also available. Free Wi-Fi and charging stations are located throughout the building.


Present Building

The construction was completed in 1966 and named after former employee Felix Goodson, a good friend of the principal donor for the library building. The building was given a new facelift in 2003. Brick columns were added to the front of the building and the old flat roof was replaced with a pitched, metal roof, matching several other buildings on campus.

Inside the reference room, a second floor was added, making room for a new study area and computer lab. Bookshelves were added below the study area and computer lab to increase the area for the reference collection.