How affordable is Williams?

Basic costs per semester for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

Tuition: $8,334

Room & Board (meal plan): $4,013 (Add $400 for a private room)

Dorm Activity Fee:  $135 (dorm students only)

Fees*: $695

Total (per semester) $13,177**

Will I have to pay $13,177 out-of-pocket? In short, no! Why? Because 99% of our students receive financial aid.

1. Academic Scholarships

2. Performing Arts Scholarships

3. Athletic Scholarships

4. Honors Program Scholarships

5. Church Matching Scholarships

6. Arkansas Baptist Foundation Scholarships

7. Arkansas Challenge Scholarship

8. Federal Grants, Work-Study Opportunities, Student Loans

+++ Other Scholarships will drive that total cost down!

+ We have a great payment plan for any remaining balances. View our payment plan information here.


*There may be other fees not listed above. Cost does not include book charges or applicable class fees.