Williams Baptist University realizes that all students cannot pay the entire balance of their student account at the time of registration. Therefore, Williams offers a deferred payment plan. Under the deferred payment plan, one-fourth of the student’s total account is due and payable at registration. This can be paid through financial aid grants, scholarships or loans. However, the necessary documents (FAFSA, scholarship letter, taxes, Challenge notification, etc.) must be on file in the Financial Aid Office prior to registration.

The remaining balance will be divided into three equal payments, due at monthly intervals. Due dates are October 10, November 10 and December 1 for the fall semester, and February 10, March 10 and April 10 for the spring semester. A finance charge at the rate of .833% per month will be levied on any unpaid balance beginning on October 31st for the fall semester and February 28th for the spring semester.