Title IX – Sexual Assault Response and Prevention

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects individuals from discrimination based on sex in any federally funded education program or activity.  Under this law, males and females are expected to receive fair and equitable treatment in all areas of public schooling.  Williams Baptist University has designated a Title IX coordinator to monitor and oversee the overall implementation of Title IX compliance.  Any incidence of sexual discrimination including sexual harassment and sexual violence should be reported to the Title IX coordinator, who will take prompt action to secure a full and equitable review.

Title IX Coordinator’s Duties and Responsibilities: Monitoring and oversight of the overall implementation of Title IX compliance at the University, including coordination of training, education, communication and administration of grievance procedures for faculty, staff, students, and other members of the university community.

Williams is committed to a safe and healthy environment for all people affiliated with the University.  An important part of this commitment is the provision of comprehensive sexual assault response and prevention resources.  For questions or concerns regarding sexual assault, contact WBU’s Title IX Coordinator, Marvin Schoenecke, at 870-759-4128.  The full Title IX Policy and Grievance Procedures can be found here.



Contact Information for Title IX Coordinator:

Dr. Marvin Schoenecke
Provost/Executive Vice-President for Campus Life
Williams Baptist University
56 McLellan Drive
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476


Additional Resources

WBU Campus Safety/Law Enforcement
Chief Jim Hartness

WBU Student Counseling Office
Aneita Cooper
Director of Counseling

WBU Student Affairs
Tim Chatman
Dean of Students

WBU Athletics
Jeff Rider
Athletic Director

WBU Student Ministries
Campus Minister


Outside Resources

Lawrence County, AR Sheriff’s Office
315 W. Main Street
County Courthouse
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476

Walnut Ridge, AR Police Department
318 NW 4th Street
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476

Women’s Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas
Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault