The form below must be used to officially withdraw from a  term course. Phone calls are not accepted as formal notices of withdrawal. Students wishing to withdraw from a course must complete and sign this form. The student’s signature and date is required.

The deadline to withdrawal from Winter Term, May Term, Summer I Term and Summer II Term is the first day of the last week of the term.

Withdrawals made will be indicated as a “W” on a student’s transcript. Withdrawals made after the deadline will result in a grade of “F” recorded on the transcript.

Absence from a class does not constitute a dropped course or official withdrawal. If your plans change and you are unable to attend the course, you must officially withdraw from the class. Students who do not officially withdraw will receive the grade of “F” posted on their transcript.

Before considering a course withdrawal, students are urged to consult with the Office of Financial Aid regarding any implications of this action.

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