A Brief and Scattered Introduction


Welcome, fellow student, to the brand new and semi-fully-functioning student blog. This is where you will find all you need to know about life at WBU: restaurant reviews, community events, campus activities, professors to avoid, etc.. (I’m totally kidding about that last one; while you will find some professors to be more challenging than others, you will be very appreciative once you’ve been handed a degree and have to get one of those job things). 

bekahwritingUpon writing this opening article, I began to introduce myself, and then thought, why? This blog is not about me – the writer, the reviewer, the girl whose best friend is her dog – but about you. This blog is about you: the basketball player, the biology major, the girl who sleeps through her alarm and misses her 8 a.m., the guy who plays way too much Fortnite. We are one collective, moving, breathing body of students. We do not all enjoy the same things, and we come from diverse backgrounds, but here, on campus at Williams Baptist University, we are one unit. This blog is dedicated to that particular unit. 

That being said, I must now welcome you all back to school. Yes, yes, you’re already missing home or contemplating skipping chapel or running out of money as we speak, but let’s review the positives, shall we? 

You aren’t in high school anymore. Let’s be honest, we may miss our friends or teachers who got us to this point, but we do not miss waking up at an ungodly time to go to school for eight hours a day. No more crowded hallways, no more rushed lunches, no more fire drills, and – if you’re like me – no more math classes (thank the Lord). 

You are earning an extraordinary education. WBU is a school that will push your limits in the classroom, that will encourage you daily to be the best you, academically and spiritually. Here at Williams, you are acquiring an education that you could find no where else. Be proud of yourself for that; accept the challenge.

You have been adopted into the WBU family. As I mentioned before, we are one solitary unit as the student body, but this does not exclude our professors and staff here on campus. You are not just a number here at Williams; you are a person, with feelings and goals and hopes and dreams. Everyone – from your roommate to President Stan Norman himself – cares for you, and you should feel very blessed to be a part of such an incredible thing. 

The most interesting thing about being at WBU is that we all share one collective belief: Jesus Christ died for our sins, and He will come back for us one day. Now, I say that subjectively, of course; not all students on campus may feel this way (if you don’t, you really should ask for my personal cell; I’m very open-minded and would love to chat). However, most students do believe that we are put on earth for a reason. Believe it or not, we are not here to earn a degree, or to marry our Mr./Mrs. Right, or to wear the newest and nicest clothes, or to play a sport; we are here to evangelize, to bring as many people as we can to Jesus. 

I say that to now say that I am a firm believer in the idea that we are all given a gift. We have all been given a gift that allows us to reach out to those around us. Perhaps your gift is public speaking, or playing a sport, or understanding equations, or drawing; some of you may have already discovered your gift. Everyone’s gift is different and unique, but equally important. We are to use these gifts to 1) make a living, if possible, and, more importantly, 2) bring the lost to the light. These gifts are God-given talents that I encourage each of you to use to your best ability. If you have yet to discover your gift, I hope that you will put yourself into the world to find it.

To wrap up, let me promise you that I’m not going to preach at you each week. I am here to inform, support, and entertain. Some of you may have not even made it to this last paragraph, but I hope that you gave me a fleeting chance. Perhaps you will even join me once more in the coming weeks. As a parting remark, I ask that you take it easy on me; this may come as no shock, but this is my first experience blogging. 

Seriously, if I overhear someone bashing my writing on campus, I may actually cry. 


Thanks for reading an eagle view,

Bekah Kopp