The Williams Teacher Education Program at Williams Baptist University

In the Williams Teacher Education Program, our mission is to prepare professional educators who are intentional, reflective, and continuously growing. Program graduates are skilled learning experience designers who are poised for long-term success in the field of education.

The WTEP offers bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education K-6, Mid-Level Math/Science 4-8, Mid-Level Literacy/Social Studies 4-8, Health & PE K-12, Art Education K-12, Choral Music Education K-12, Instrumental Music Education K-12, Secondary Social Studies 7-12, and Secondary English Education 7-12.  When completing all degree and state department requirements, candidates are eligible for teacher licensure in Arkansas.

The following initial licensure programs in the WTEP were reviewed by CAEP in a spring 2022 site visit: Elementary Education K-6, Middle Level 4-8, Health & Physical Education K-12, Music Education K-12, Secondary Social Studies Education 7-12, Secondary English Education 7-12, and Graduate MAT (Middle Level or Secondary). All WTEP programs were accredited by NCATE in 2015.