This document contains both general principles and some specific guidelines for the collection development librarian and faculty to use as they systematically develop the collections at Felix Goodson Library.

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Collection Development Goals and the WBU Mission

Felix Goodson Library exists to support the mission of Williams Baptist University by providing information resources in a variety of formats and to provide library services to WBU students, faculty, staff, and to a lesser extent to the local church and community.

To support the WBU mission, the FGL collection development goals are:

  • To provide information resources in print and electronic formats in support of the University’s curriculum, specifically academic and scholarly resources;
  • To provide information resources to support the spiritual and personal growth of the WBU community;
  • To provide information on the integration of the Christian faith with the various academic disciplines;
  • To provide information resources to support the Christian ministry being carried out by the WBU community.


Responsibility for Selection

The development of the Library collection is the joint responsibility of the faculty and the collection development librarian.  Faculty may recommend materials in their subject areas, especially those in support of coursework (see Faculty Requests for New Items). The Director of Library Services has the ultimate responsibility for the overall development of the Library collection.


Selection Guidelines and Criteria

The Library focuses on adding newly published materials that are authoritative and/or ground-breaking in their fields; however, retrospective selections may be made to fill gaps in the collection according to curriculum need.

Selections are guided by the Library’s Mission StatementPublic Services Philosophy, and its statement of Academic Freedom in the Christian University Library.


Gifts and Donations

The Library is pleased to consider donations of materials that support current WBU curriculum and research needs.  Donated items are the property of Felix Goodson Library and may be disseminated as best determined by the collection development librarian.

Gifts of monetary honor are graciously welcomed for their contribution to the Library’s role in building distinctive collections, preserving rare materials, and pioneering new programs and services.

Gifts and donations are tax deductible and donors are recognized by the Director of Library Services and/or Institutional Advancement office.   Contact



In order to maximize the usefulness of the Library’s collections and space, de-selection or weeding is an ongoing practice of collection development.   De-selection is based upon non-relevance of titles to the current curriculum.  Items that no longer support the WBU mission or FGL goals are eliminated.  The Director of Library Services has final judgment on collection selection and de-selection.


Diversity Within the Collection

In an ongoing effort to add diversity to the collection, special attention is paid to acquiring inclusive works. Students and patrons will find fiction books that showcase protagonists of various ethnicities that aid readers in learning about cultures from around the world. Our nonfiction collection has expanded to feature the previously unsung heroes of our nations’ history. We have also worked to include minority authors in our collection in the hopes that our students and patrons will receive a more holistic perspective of the world we live in. The following awards have been useful in aiding our collection development: Coretta Scott King, Pura Belpre, Schneider Family Book Award, John Steptoe Award for New Talent, Association for Asian American Studies, Asian Pacific American Award for Literature, Arab American Book Award, Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards, The Américas Award, American Indian Youth Literature Award, Sydney Taylor Book Awards.


Felix Goodson Library does not generally purchase duplicates; however, justified requests may be considered.



The Library seeks to purchase resources in the format that will be the most useful to the WBU faculty and students.



Textbooks may be donated to the collection per the Library Gift and Donation policy.   Academic library best practices stipulate that textbooks  not be included in selection criteria.


Print Journals

Because of the popularity and expense of journal databases, print journal single title requests will be considered with two criteria:  1) not duplicated in current databases; and 2) recommended or required for specific coursework.


Special Collections and Archive

Titles may be placed in storage per the authority of the collection development librarian.

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